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Verbiage is Everything

A patent application is a legal document and, like any legal document, must be filled out accurately and completely. The better job you do filling out your application, the better protection you'll be giving your patent. Your patent is a contract used to describe your invention and verbiage really is everything. Your wording must be accurate and descriptive.

When describing your invention, be sure to use words that cannot be easily changed or someone else could patent an invention similar to yours by merely changing a few words. An example would be writing, "board #1 is glued to board #2" could easily be changed to "board #1 is nailed to board #2" by someone else and your hard work would be wasted. A better option would be "board #1 is attached with several different fasteners to board #2".

Parts of the patent application may seem like you're writing an essay because you will be doing all the writing, as these are not fill-in forms. You may also be required to present a drawing of your invention so unless you're artistic, you may want to find someone that is to help with your drawing.

Note: All inventors must be listed on the patent application. Only the inventor can apply for the patent; however, there are certain exceptions. If two or more people worked on the invention together, they must apply for a patent as joint inventors.